Driver Tracking and Dispatching
with iDispatch

Track your employees with the iDispatch GPS tracking app. No contracts, no equipment installations. It's fast, cheap, and easy.


Efficient dispatcher/driver platform for growing companies

  • Tick Go beyond traditional Dispatcher / Operator services.
  • Tick iDispatch empowers all communication and improves your entire operations.

Simple interface. Complete solution.

We help your business operate with the same efficiency as the world’s biggest companies. Finally, a single solution that is quick to set-up and easy to use.

car with map location marker

Realtime tracking

Get immediate and accurate geo-tracking for operator speed, distance and location across all your shipments, deliveries and logistics.


30 Day History

Easily track your drivers' 30 day routes, stops, and timestamps. Gain valuable insights and optimize your fleet management effortlessly.

people performing a group task

Group messaging

There is no better way to chat, assign and track tasks. iDispatch is the perfect communication tool for businesses that are going places.

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Create and assign Tasks

Enhance your operational efficiency using our Tasks feature, which enables you to effortlessly generate and allocate multiple routes for your drivers.

google maps

Fully integrated with Google Maps

Seamless integration with Google Maps allows all team members to benefit from iDispatch’s end-to-end solutions.

customer tracking

Customer tracking solution

Delight customers with smart tracking for their orders. It’s simple and easy with iDispatch

Happy customers

Feedback from these happy customers helps us in
reaching the heights

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Client Image

NICK H United Freightways

Before iDispatch, our operations were a mess! Dispatchers had trouble communicating and keeping track of drivers and shipments – all while keeping our clients up to date. Now, we’re running lean and mean. The amazing effect on profit has kept us growing in a highly competitive market. Thank you iDispatch!

Choose flexible pricing plan
for your team

It costs absolutely nothing to get started with iDispatch.

  • Silver Plan

    7.99/ month

    79.9/ year

    • Unlimited tracking
    • 5 operators
    • 2 subusers
    • 15 tracking link (per month)
    • 10 text to locate (per month)
    • 30 days operator history
    • 25 tasks (per month)
    • 15 alarms (per month)
    • Unlimited chat/media
    • 24/7 customer support
  • Gold Plan

    14.99/ month

    149.9/ year

    • Unlimited tracking
    • 15 operators
    • 5 subusers
    • 30 tracking link (per month)
    • 20 text to locate (per month)
    • 30 days operator history
    • 50 tasks (per month)
    • 30 alarms (per month)
    • Unlimited chat/media
    • 24/7 customer support
  • Platinum Plan

    26.99/ month

    269.9/ year

    • Unlimited tracking
    • 30 operators
    • 8 subusers
    • 60 tracking link (per month)
    • 40 text to locate (per month)
    • 30 days operator history
    • 100 tasks (per month)
    • 60 alarms (per month)
    • Unlimited chat/media
    • 24/7 customer support
  • Custom Plan

    -- / month

    -- / year

    • Unlimited tracking
    • Unlimited* operators
    • Unlimited* subusers
    • Unlimited* tracking link (per month)
    • Unlimited* text to locate (per month)
    • 30 days operator history
    • Unlimited* tasks (per month)
    • Unlimited* alarms (per month)
    • Unlimited* chat/media
    • 24/7 customer support

Desktop? Mobile? Yes.

Stay synced and organized with the help of our web and mobile platforms. You’re always connected and upto date.