Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some helpful questions you can start with to learn more about our platform.

iDispatch provides driver tracking, dispatching and fleet management solutions for businesses of all sizes. The software is used by drivers and dispatchers to help optimize processes, operations, and communications.

iDispatch is designed for any type of business that needs to track the location and performance of its employees - such as passenger transport, emergency services, field services, logistics, deliveries and more.

Dispatch software can bring a variety of benefits to businesses. Some of the most important benefits of using dispatch software include: Greater efficiency, improved customer service, better use of resources, real-time tracking, improved communication, flexibility, usability, and much more.

iDispatch offers users three well-designed pricing plans - Silver, Gold, and Platinum. A Custom Plan is available for those who have specific preferences and want unlimited access to features. For this option, please contact us directly for a price quote. 

There are no hidden costs with iDispatch. If you have any questions about our pricing plans, please feel free to contact us at or

iDispatch is available on web and mobile platforms. Start your free trial by downloading the iDispatch software from Google Play and the App Store.

iDispatch offers a 14-day free trial with full access to all features so you can test how well it integrates with your business before choosing a full subscription. After the free trial, users can choose between Silver, Gold, Platinum and Custom plans. The Custom plan is designed for those who have special preferences or want unlimited access to all features.

Using iDispatch is easy. View everything from your dashboard online or mobile device. After downloading the iDispatch app choose “Dispatcher” or “Operator” for immediate access to Alerts, Tracking Links, History, and more.

Yes. All iDispatch users have access to technical support 24/7. "Pro" users get additional and quicker support when inquiries are higher than usual.

Definitely. iDispatch was developed as an extremely powerful and simple tool for companies involved in trucking, transportation, logistics or delivery. Whether you have a single vehicle or a worldwide logistics operation, iDispatch is the perfect solution for driver tracking, fleet management and real-time communication. It helps companies instantly optimise vehicles and all operations.

iDispatch works everywhere. It is the perfect solution for local operations and international logistics alike.

To contact us, simply email our team at or

iDispatch is a progressive company with more than 20 years of experience in the trucking and logistics industry. The iDispatch software has been developed based on our years of experience and adapted to the needs of companies in trucking, delivery, passenger transport, emergency services, field services, and more.

The iDispatch website and mobile application feature a powerful GPS solution. With driver consent, customers track each driver’s progress in real-time.